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How To Run Facebook Ads - Become An Expert In 2023

Updated: May 13

Hello there!

Today, everyone can run Facebook ads but not everyone can expect results from it because all the newbies just see the videos of how to run Facebook ads on the internet and without any strategy run the campaigns. Of this practice, their budget gets exhausted early, and they stop trusting Facebook for ads.

To test the real strength of Facebook ads you need to learn it from the basics and with proper strategy. Here we have our Paid Ads Dominator(PAD) in which you will learn the best strategies to directly implement on your ads to get instant results.

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Now let's come back to the article, I will be explaining How to run Facebook ads step by step in a very elaborate by so that you don't need to go to any other resource and launch your first campaign as an expert.

So without wasting more time, let's start…..

Why Facebook ads are effective?

Facebook has 2.9 billion people using it in a month and 1.9 billion users every day and growing every year. So, after seeing this data you can think about how big an audience you can target with Facebook. Facebook offers great opportunities for organic and paid ads growth. It is most effective because we can target people on the basis of their interests, age, location, and much more.

  • You can target your audience in just one click:- Brand Awareness is most crucial for any business and with Facebook you can show your brand in front of billions of people in just a few clicks. That's the power of Facebook.

  • You can specifically target your cream audience and reduce your ad spent waste:- You can filter the audience on the basis of their age, location, interest, and more. So it can help us to target only our perfect audience rather than spending on other people who are less interested.

  • Facebook provides analytics of how your campaigns are performing:- like if you have heard about google analytics, Facebook also provides us with its inbuilt analytics, which helps us to retarget the people and see which audience is engaging with us effectively.

The main pain point of Facebook is attention time of the audience is very short, so to get an expert at Facebook ads then you must learn first how to run Facebook ads and grab the attention of the audience in a very short time.

So, to run Facebook ads, these things you must need:-

  • Facebook page

  • Meta Business manager

  • Facebook personal profile

What is Facebook Business Manager and How It Works?

Facebook has integrated all its tools into one place, this integrated platform is known as meta business manager, to run ads one should have a business manager. You can use this platform free of cost. With the help of this, we can:

  • Run ads and track their performance.

  • Manage assets such as page, ads manager, and much more.

  • You can give access to your ad accounts or assets to anyone like agencies or partners.

  • You can keep your personal and professional life separate from this tool.

How to Create your business manager:-

Before you begin:-

  • Confirm your identity from your personal account.

  • Please note you can only create two business managers( if you want more then please use other accounts ).

To create a business manager:-

Meta Business Manager

What is Facebook ads manager?

The role of the Facebook ads manager is to run ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network. It is the all-in-one tool by Facebook in which you can edit, run, and track your ads performance. Facebook also offers its ad manager app so that you can monitor your ads on your mobile also. It is totally free and present on both IOS and Android.

Facebook Ad Manager

Facebook ads dashboard is divided into 4 parts:

  • Summary:- As the name suggests it provides all the information about the ad spent, clicks, impressions, and more. Also provides recommendations for improving running campaigns and you can also set auto-apply to those recommendations( but I personally don't recommend you to do so).

  • All Ads Analytics:- You can select a campaign and see all change history, and performance, edit ad copy, and also set the budget. You can also create, delete and pause the ads.

  • Audiences:- all your saved audiences are here and you can select that audience and see how that audience is performing. After seeing the performance you can make better changes in the sense to achieve your goals.

  • Automated Ads:- This is only for beginners, those who only want to explore the platform and gain initial reach. It doesn't give many options to target because it only works on AI predictions. We can't expect results from it because, at the initial stage, your AI is not trained enough to present you with great results.

Let's Start Step-by-Step Guide on How to run Facebook ads:-

1. Create an account on ads manager:-

To use it, you must need a Facebook page to advertise on Facebook. You cant run ads on Facebook profiles.

Follow these steps to create an ads account:-

  • Click on to go to ads manager

  • Confirm your information on the ad account setup page

  • Set up the payment method

  • Save the changes.

2. Create a Campaign in the ads manager:-

Once you are done with creating an account on ads manager, you will see all your campaigns, ad sets, and ads in this dashboard if you have ever run the ads before if not then you will see nothing there.

To create a new campaign, click on the Create button left side of the screen. In the below image, you get a clear idea of what I am talking about.

 Create a Campaign in the ads manager

3. Choose an Objective of your Campaign:-

Choosing an objective for your campaign is a must thing to do because the campaign will not know the prime goal of the campaign. So before moving ahead ads manager will tell you to choose the campaign objective.

There are 6 campaign objectives:-

  1. Awareness

  2. Traffic

  3. Engagement

  4. Leads

  5. App Promotion

  6. Sales

Choose an Objective of your Campaign

Let's learn more about these objectives:-

  • Awareness:- As per the name, For brand awareness, we use this objective to reach more and more audiences in less amount budget. This awareness helps in brand recall. It is good for video views, reach, brand awareness, and store location awareness.

  • Traffic:- For sending traffic to the website, app, and Facebook events this objective is used. It is good for link clicks, landing page views, messenger, and what's app, calls. This gets you as many people as possible in your budget.

  • Engagement:- To get engagement on your posts, and videos and start a conversation with you. This objective is best suited for getting engagement on Messenger, Instagram, Whatsapp, video views, and conversions.

  • Leads:- With this objective, you can collect leads for your business or brand mostly used by real estate, restaurants, local businesses, etc. Facebook also provides an in-build lead form option in which you don't need to have a landing page and can get leads directly to your Facebook dashboard.

  • App Promotion:- you can directly link your app with Facebook and from there you can let your audience directly download it. This also provides us the deep link option so that you can send people directly to a specific page of your app.

  • Sales:- This objective will let the campaign focus on those people who are intent on buying, mostly it is used for e-commerce and catalog sales. You can track many things like add to cart, website purchases, and much more and tell AI to focus on a particular segment.

4. Choose your Targeted Audience:-

After setting up your campaign, you can choose your target audience at the ad set level on the basis of their interest, demographics, behaviours, age, location, and more. You can create multiple ad sets with different target audiences in a single campaign.

There is no perfect audience for any particular business, every marketer needs to do the testing and with that testing, we reach our perfect audience.

Your audience must be based on your objective as very talked above that our campaign objective plays a very important role.

Suppose your goal is sales and you are targeting a broad audience that is not likely to buy anything then you can't expect results from that, but in the same way, if you are targeting a more specific audience that is very interested in your niche then you can expect good results and this is called testing different audiences with different objectives.

Choose your Targeted Audience

We have 3 main target audience options by Facebook:-

  • Demographics

  • Interests

  • Behaviours

There is one more targeting option provided by Facebook is the custom audience, by this, you can target a specific audience that interacts with your brand. This is called retargeting. It can improve your sales by 40 to 50% in revenue.

5. Set Your Budget:-

You can set budgets at two levels one is at the campaign level and another is at the ad set level. If you want Facebook to decide for you which ad set will use more budget then set your budget to campaign level and if you want to decide yourself which ad set will use how much budget then please set your budget at the ad set level.

Set Your Budget

Facebook also provides two options you can set your budget on a Daily or Lifetime Budget.

  • Daily Budget:- if you want your ads must run the whole day and night then this setting is for you. Facebook will evenly place your ads whenever it finds a good response. By setting this you are telling Facebook to take this budget on a daily basis.

  • Lifetime Budget:- In this, you are setting the budget for a specific period after the budget gets exhausted your campaigns will stop. You fix a start date and end date for that campaign and Facebook will use that amount only for that campaign.

6. Create your ad:-

Create your ad according to the objective you have set. If you wish to increase the number of clicks on your website, there is an option given by the Facebook ads manager to “Click on the website”. This option provides you with two choices: Links and Carousels, which means that you can either display a single-image ad or a multiple image-ad.

After you decide between the two options, you can start updating your creative assets. While creating an ad, Facebook expects you to follow certain design criteria.

Create your ad

For single-imaged ads, the following pointers are suggested:

  • Text: 125 characters

  • Ad headline: 25 characters

  • Image ratio: 1.91:1

  • Image resolution (including CTA): 1080 x 1080 pixels

For multi-imaged ads, the following pointers are suggested:

  • Recommended image size: 1080 x 1080 pixels

  • Image ratio: 1:1

  • Text: 125 characters

  • Headline: 40 characters

  • Link description: 20 characters

7. Make sure to Monitor your ad’s performance metrics:-

After your ads are running, you need to keep an eye on the performance metrics of your ads. For this purpose, you will need to look into two places - the Facebook ad manager, and your marketing software.

Some of the key metrics are as under:

  • Performance

  • Engagement

  • Videos

  • Website

  • Apps

  • Events

  • Clicks

  • Settings

8. The last step is to report on Facebook ad performance:-

To set up a report, follow the following steps:

  • Navigate to “Analyze and Report” through the upper main menu.

Analyze and Report

  • Choose “Ads Reporting.”

Ads Reporting

  • Select “Create Custom Report.”

Create Custom Report

  • Select and open a saved report.

save report

  • Choose “Save As” next to the save icon. Give your report a name and check “Schedule Email.”

  • Follow the prompts to edit and confirm your reporting preferences.

Steps to Create Facebook Ads

Define your target audience and create ads for them:

A target audience plays a vital role in generating leads for your business. You need to know who will be your potential customers. Before designing photos, videos, or any other content, first, know who will be persuaded by your ads.

To increase the ROI of your ad campaigns, you can use Facebook’s advanced targeting feature which will help you add people who follow certain pages or events.

Write an attractive and a clear headline

Your headline is the foremost thing that people notice about your campaign, your headline should be designed in such a way that it attracts the customer towards your campaign, and should explain what the campaign is all about. If your headline is not clear or attractive, it will give a negative impression on your CTR and conversion rate.

Avoid using text-heavy graphics

As per Facebook, images with less than 20% text perform better. Therefore, avoid using graphics with heavy text material. If you wish to explain more about your campaign, go for captions that explain the image rather than applying them to your graphics.

Do not use complex language in your campaign

While designing an ad campaign, try and use easy language which does not confuse the reader, and is easily understood by the reader.

When someone sees your ad, they should clearly know:

  • What your offer is.

  • How it will benefit them.

  • What to do next.

Make your text as simple and comprehensive as possible.

Use social proof in your ads

It is your duty to gain the confidence of the person who sees your ad campaign, you need to create a brand image, and for that make use of social proof in your ad campaigns. Social proof comes in many forms: reactions, comments, shares, testimonials, and reviews. Once you add these to your campaigns, it increases brand visibility and trustability.

Make sure to match your ad to your landing page

The main purpose of you running a Facebook ad is, to make your audience reach your landing page, know about your products, and purchase them. To maintain the trust of your customer, make sure that the offer promised in the ad campaign is the same as that on the landing page. Also include common elements such as color, fonts, and images, which makes it easier for people to recognize your offer and convert.


Now, that you know that you should have a set of ideas and strategies in order to design and run your Facebook ads for better growth of your business. Since Facebook has a very high amount of reach, and a large audience, your business definitely has a bright future here, provided you design your goals as per the requirements. Facebook has a set of algorithms that should be followed in order to get a good reach and engagement. Spread your brand awareness, generate a high amount of traffic, and gather leads from this platform. Design your ads in such a way that it catches the attention of your viewers, which in turn gets profitable for your business.

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